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Reply to "VisionLine Challengers"

Shawn_Chronister posted:
Fredstrains posted:
sahan posted:

I sent Lionel an email asking them if they could change the sound and if they could update my one and it's been 5 days and no reply. I sent it to Is that correct? if not what would be the correct email?

Don’t feel too bad, I sent an E-Mail to them over a week ago & no reply either! Deane of Lionel says all over this Forum:  If you have any questions, to send an E-Mail , but when you do , you get NO response !! Don’t get it & probably never will how they can operate this way!!!


They can operate this way because people keep accepting the incorrect stuff they put out, do not question it.  As well as not calling saying hey I sent an email you tell us to send an email and do not respond.  

Wow...!!  So how are Jacob Marley, Bob Cratchit, and Tiny Tim these days....  just get out of the hobby...  you’ve obviously had enough.

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