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Reply to "VisionLine Challengers"

sahan posted:
Shawn_Chronister posted:
John Rowlen posted:


I am serious in my thanks to Dave Olsen for moving the pick-up rollers apart more on the new Big Boy Oil Burning Tender to accommodate my Atlas O #5 switches.  I have often not had pleasant things to say about the many repairs my new Lionel engines and passenger cars needed.

Praise when good things are done is as important as criticism, when bone-headed blunders occur.  At some point, and soon, I hope praise will be all I have to give Lionel.  But, and it's a big butt, I know the endless Chinese blunders are keeping me up at night.  I've invested big in Lionel engines, 21" passenger cars, etc. like many others.  The parade of issues is just unbelievable.  It must stop.

I can't wait to see my two Hudsons from Pat's Trains and Mr. Muffins.

Sincerely, John Rowlen

I was not talking about the thanks I was talking about asking for a video they are fixing plenty of other have shown what it should sound like. I thanked him to for coming out and stating there was a problem at they are fixing it. I am pretty sure if you listen to WM challenger video from Charlie nassau those had the correct chuff its kind of tough to tell be cause of the way it was being run.

There are few more videos of the WM Challenger on youtube

That would explain why he ran it all goofy trying to make it sound like it had it so he could sell them.

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