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Reply to "Voltage display"

Well, I ordered one of each of the ones I posted, but the results are less than stellar with a chopped waveform transformer. On the bright side, they came quickly.

I suspect those kind of results aren't going to please many people.  There is a 75 ohm resistor across the output for a small load, this prevents the stray AC from giving us false readings.

The meter on the right is a Fluke 8012A True-RMS meter, the meter on the left is the one I described in a post above.  I don't expect the ammeter to do any better with a chopped waveform, so these aren't actually ready for any layout using one of the many chopped waveform transformers.

The meter looks pretty good with a pure sine wave from the 1033!

1033 N11033 N21033 N31033 N41033 N5


Hot stuff, let's try a Z750.  UGLY, massive errors across the whole band!

Z750 N1Z750 N2Z750 N3Z750 N4Z750 N5Z750 N6


Images (11)
  • 1033 N1
  • 1033 N2
  • 1033 N3
  • 1033 N4
  • 1033 N5
  • Z750 N1
  • Z750 N2
  • Z750 N3
  • Z750 N4
  • Z750 N5
  • Z750 N6
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