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Reply to "Wanted shoulder screw for Weaver 0-8-0 diecast engine"

You'd be amazed what this car picks up on a trip around the layout.  The Neodymium magnet has a pull force of over 100 pounds, it's the K&J BY0X08-N52.

Everything but the axles and that coupler screw is non-magnetic, I use plastic wheels as the friction with the magnetic attraction stopped the metal wheels cold and it was just dragging them down the track.  When done, I just pick the magnet out of the car and all the stuff falls off the bottom of the car.

HOLY GAUSS!!, John!   Magnetraction move over!!!

It's a wonder you don't end up with a bazillion track spikes and floppy rails at the end of a pull!!

Tim Taylor (Home Improvement) would surely be proud of your design..."MORE POWER!!"...that's for sure!

Neodymium magnets...a whole new 'field of dreams' for the hobbyist!

Any concerns for trackside electronic devices when the gauss-mouse passes by?   (Apparently'd be the guy to know!)

OTOH...gotta put this on my project list.   Getting too old to crawl around to the layout pop-up's to do a  manual magnet scan!


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