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We are still here and shipping

Just wanted to let everyone know, that as a small internet only company, whos only shipping staff is me right now... I can still ship things out from here.

Paso Robles is relatively small, mostly a wine country/tourist town full of tasting rooms, hotels, and restaurants.   All of that is shut down, but the rest of the town is not too off from normal.  You can buy toilet paper and eggs here.   Fedex, the post office, the banks, etc., are all open.   

in a town of about 30,000 ppl, we've only have 25 ppl test positive so far. No hospitalizations, no deaths so far.   I think the dry desert air helps, but thats just me.  I hate humidity.  That's why I live on the edge of a desert.


MTH, afaik, is shud down at their HQ due to Governor's orders for all non-essential companies to be shut down. Some employees are working from home, is my understanding.

ATLAS was having a few ppl in the shipping staff working, and office ppl coming in once or twice a week...but with North Jersey forecast to get slammed with the virus here shortly, that may have changed.   I'll call them tmro AM and see whats up, and update here

LIONEL...IDK.....We just got the NS 21' excursion cars here on monday. But maybe thats going to be it for a while.. IDK.

China.....IDK either.     IDK if anyone really knows whats going on, as it changes day to day. symptoms.  washing my hands a lot.  getting sleep, which i dont usually have time for.   I put more MTH engines up on he web today, and worked on orders. about 14 orders behind right now, but hoping to be caught up soon.   Had my 1st Zoom meeting yesterday. It worked out pretty well.

Thanks again to all our customers.  We really appreciate the business..

and stay safe out there. 


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