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HELP!!! Weaver MILW F6 Baltic Problems

I recently acquired a Weaver Built Milwaukee Road Brass F6 Baltic Locomotive. I got it for an absolute steal of a deal and I’m now beginning to see why. When I revived the locomotive, the pilot was broken from the mount, which had also been bent. A few others minor things needed fixing along with a good cleaning of the shell and wheels. Only two problems remain with the locomotive, the broken pilot, and the rear truck seems to have a major squeaking issue. It seems to be because the wheels in the truck slide side to side within the truck, running on either side, causing the squeaking at higher speeds and a dragging noise at low speeds. The pilot was held on by two soldered pins to the pilot mount. So my question is, what’s the best way to prevent the wheels in the truck from rubbing and stop the side to side motion. And what’s the best way to solder or reattach the brass pilot. I’d assume silver soldering is out of the question due to the heat required (could cause paint damage?) but I don’t have much experience with this.




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