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Reply to "HELP!!! Weaver MILW F6 Baltic Problems"


Got The pilot sorted out rather quickly! and the results were fantastic! Thanks Paul. But, after getting the locomotive back together has revealed a few new problems.

First, a new click/grinding noise has appeared when running the locomotive slowly; I've included a video of this. my hunch is it has something to do with the main drive gear. I've lubricated it but this hasn't had any effect. Suggestions? This is also accompanied by a click every time the running gear reached the top of the driver at high speeds.

Second, The locomotive has started Ghosting. It'll begin moving on its own when I power up the layout without any command from my Legacy Remote. I have NO idea ho to fix this. So any appreciation would be appreciated.

This locomotive is also very jumpy in low speeds. Particularly in revers, It seems to draw most of the power on the layout, dimming the headlights on all my other active locomotives and sometimes killing track power.

All these poor quality's may seem condemning, but here's a vid of the smoke unit working hard to show just how fantastic this locomotive is!!

Side Note: The Squeaking in the rear truck hasn't been fixed, still working on a solution. Thinking of adding rubber O rings around the axels to keep the wheels away from the frame.


Videos (3)
Weaver Baltic Smoke Unit Working Hard
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