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Weekend Photo Fun 11-1-19-??


It’s time for Weekend Photo Fun!!

Last week I started to prep the room next to my Tinplate layout at the club. We  will be going through the wall into the next room.


The floor tiles are nasty and may have asbestos backed. So I grabbed 20 year old left over tiles at home and did this. Since it will be under the table no one will see them after the table is finished94D331DA-5BC8-42DC-9019-508575748AE3

The room is directly behind these locomotives. The black locomotive track will go through the wall once it is finished.



Let’s see your pictures.

Scott Smith


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  • E9EEFC68-FA4F-4B5A-986A-A27AEDEDBD23
  • 94D331DA-5BC8-42DC-9019-508575748AE3
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