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On Nov 13, 1947, a local photographer saw the Friendship Train approaching and was able to get his camera out for some pictures.  He missed the engine, but got some shots of the colorful passenger cars and a few of the boxcars full of food for France and Italy.  The train started out of Los Angeles five days ago and it now has nearly 100 cars.  In Chicago it will split into two trains and will pick up more cars on its way to New York.

The train had five passenger cars carrying VIPs and volunteer workers, many from the teamster union to help load the cars.  However, the photographer was only interested in the red, white, and blue cars.

FT_Pax [14)FT_Pax [11)

FT_Pax [9)


The passenger cars are Lionel, just arrived from Charles Ro.  They look great but one is an observation and neither of the two prototype cars were of that type.  The other cars are a mix of Lionel and MTH.


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