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Reply to "Weekend Photo Fun 3-5-21-??"

March 29th, 1957, the New York Ontario and Western, after a long and slow decline, gave up the ghost. It was the 1st Class 1 US railroad to be dismantled. As the 20th Century dawned, its failure was inevitable as coal traffic, milk/dairy traffic and passenger traffic evaporated. Even early dieselization (though it saved lots of money) could not stave off the inevitable. Since 2007 (when I received my 1st O&W set), a NYO&W train never leaves the tracks of my railroad in the month of March.....

Have a great and safe weekend folks!



I fully understand that sentiment.

My story about the NYO&W goes back to when I was about six or seven years of age. My father and I were standing beside the track in downtown South Fallsburg, New York when an NYO&W F-class diesel stopped right in front of us. We looked up at the engineer. He looked down at us. Before pulling away he gave a good blast on the horn. Scared me pretty well. At that moment, I wasn't so sure that I still liked trains! Years later, my father would sometimes ask if I still remembered it. Can never forget it.


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