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Reply to "Weekend Photo Fun 3-5-21-??"

Happy Friday, we're to a great start today guys & gals and finally, I can put a video up that I shot yesterday at the Lone Star Highrailers Club in Grapevine, TX  on our layout that resides in a 60' baggage car.  I took my MTH PS3 SP GE 44 Ton locomotive, great little runner by the way with some nice sounds too, and 4 Atlas cars plus and MTH Premier SP C-30 caboose with working marker lights.  I apologize if my video techniques aren't the best in the world but they work for me right now anyway.  A short little funny, since I don't get to run my trains very often, (but that's about to change) it took me 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get the the engine to run.  Most of the guys at the club all run conventional or Legacy.  Once I got it figured out, away I went.  I forgot to mention, I found one that I had shot a while back of my new Lionel Legacy SP S-4 switch engine, also a good runner.

Tomorrow, the 6th, we will be having a one day train show, Train-apaloza, and the baggage car will be open and running and there will be over 20 tables with various vendors selling all kinds of train items, if anyone on the groups is in the area, come on down to Grapevine and join in on the fun and oh yes, bring money, you may regret it if you don't.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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