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Reply to "Weekend Photo Fun 3-5-21-??"

@MELGAR posted:


I fully understand that sentiment.

My story about the NYO&W goes back to when I was about six or seven years of age. My father and I were standing beside the track in downtown South Fallsburg, New York when an NYO&W F-class diesel stopped right in front of us. We looked up at the engineer. He looked down at us. Before pulling away he gave a good blast on the horn. Scared me pretty well. At that moment, I wasn't so sure that I still liked trains! Years later, my father would sometimes ask if I still remembered it. Can never forget it.

MELGAR 1st experience with the O&W was about 1960 vacationing in the Catskills.....we drove passed the old main station in Middletown. As my train hobby advanced and the internet developed, I became interested in milk trains (always loved the Lionel milk car!).  The name of the O&W came up frequently. I had to search out all I could. I joined the NYO&W RR historical society.....and, because of the pandemic and the switch to Zoom meetings, I now attend them!

I have learned lots of fun facts. For example, to save money, when they went to all diesel, neither the FT's nor the F3s had steam heaters. Only the F3's had heater controls. The O&W took 2 of their 2-10-2's tenders and turned then to "heater cars" that look like mini B units. So, only the F3s could pull passenger trains in the winter. In summer, both the FTs and F3s could pull passengers.....because the AC was: "open the window".

Lastly, and this is really neat....Adrian of Chesterfield Hobbies called me on my cell when my F3 set with the passenger cars was March 29, 2007.....50 years to the day of's that for a coincidence......


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