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Here is something different from what I usually post. I am quite active in the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and our local division here in Pittsburgh sponsors a monthly competition referred to as the Bring 'n Brag where you enter models from different categories. This month's category is rolling stock. Since we have been meeting virtually due the the pandmeic, the entries have all been on line. I thought my entry for this month might be of particular interest to participants of the OGR Forum. So here ya go....


This is a Weaver flat car to which I made many improvements. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT TO GET A BETTER VIEW. The car came with a plastic wooden deck painted in an unrealistic shade of orange. I started by masking off individual boards on the deck, and spraying them with various tones of gray and khaki. Next, I weathered the deck with weathering chalks which made it look like aged wooden planks. I then weathered the carbody with chalks, and the frame and trucks with paint. Wooden stakes were made of strip wood weathered with various hues of Hunterline stain and inserted in the stake pockets. The final touch was to glue the rusty chains to the deck. These represent the chains used to lash loads to the flat car.

Hope that you enjoy. Now back to ballasting the layout!


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