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A Photo Album from Stockyard Express - “Took a road trip to Ohio”

1 Uncataloged D & T Shore Line

Stockyard has this Un-cataloged Detroit & Toledo Shore Line GP-9. This is a special order only available at Stockyard Express. I placed my order and it should arrive this October.

2 Turnpike

First stop was to pay the Ohio Turnpike $5.50

3 Stockyard Express

We are now at Stockyard Express and this is my ride. A red Ford F150.

4 Main Room

Clyde is the owner and he is on the far right. He reminded me that the Stockyard Express Annual Picnic is Saturday August 28th. This is a fun event, stop by for a hot dog.

5 Rail-King Room

This is the Rail-King room.

6 MTH Premier Room

The MTH Premier room.

7 The Layout

The store’s layout.

8 Billboard

A cool billboard.

9 Lionel Conductor Sold

The Lionel Conductor is “Sold”.

10 Gondola D T & I

After placing my special order I acquired this Rail-King Detroit Toledo & Ironton Gondola with a log load.

11 Back Home

Back home.

Thanks for taking a look & have a great weekend: Gary 🚂


Images (11)
  • 1 Uncataloged D & T Shore Line
  • 2 Turnpike
  • 3 Stockyard Express
  • 4 Main Room
  • 5 Rail-King Room
  • 6 MTH  Premier Room
  • 7 The Layout
  • 8 Billboard
  • 9 Lionel Conductor Sold
  • 10 Gondola D T & I
  • 11 Back Home
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