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Boston & Maine Ten-Wheeler #2074 is a recently released Lionel Legacy model. The prototype for this engine is the New York Central Class F-12 4-6-0, so my B&M version is not prototypical. However, I consider this engine to have classic looks and Lionel’s model is well executed, except for the smokebox color, so I bought it. The model has excellent steam sounds and is not too large for my small model railroad and its O-54 curves.

Ten-Wheelers were mostly built between 1890 and 1915 although the PRR put its large G5s engine into service beginning in 1923. They were quickly supplanted by 4-6-2 Pacific-type locomotives due to the rapid introduction of heavy steel passenger cars that replaced wood construction at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Video on my 12’-by-8’ O-72 model railroad. I built the bridges from kits by Miami Valley Products.




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