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Reply to "Weekend Photo Fun 6-18-21-??"

Very fine photos everyone!  Scott thanks for starting this thread and keeping it going each week!  Happy Father's Day to all you dads!  

Here are my photos of the fun kind for this fine weekend!   This weekend it's all about the B&O!  

Switch crew busy at work. IMG_0495


Lunch time!! "5 more minutes to go guys!" ... Cliff yells as he slides open the door on the work caboose.  Ernie & Herbert play checkers as their four legged friend, Wallingford, lays next to the barrel.   Quincy is about to bite in to a yummy ham sandwich and Orville leans back with a drink ( don't know what kind? ) in his hand.  IMG_0847

After a long day's work the SW9 is topped off with fuel and sand.  IMG_0381


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