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Traffic Jam at WB Tower...

Headend Brakie "Biscuit" McHollister cools his heels as they await their turn for a highball so they can pound west with Extra 2055 West. On the nearby track awaits #33, a crack hot shot freight with a shirt tail full of reefers behind 'em, most carrying KC meats inside 'em. It will no doubt get the highball before Extra 2055 West. On the other side of WB Tower sits a manifest freight with No. 2065 on the point. They're waiting for the harried Yardmaster to finally give them clearance to enter Riverfront Yard. Delays galore, but it's all in a days work on the rails.


The above is simply another funzie pic I staged on some existing benchwork as my 3-rail collection slowly grows. Some particulars:

* The user-painted A-A FA's will be stripped and repainted. Debating whether to go with Frisco, or the Mop. The pair has already been cleaned, serviced, and issues addressed. They run great and the horn works.

* The pair of steam engines have already been cleaned, serviced, and run and smoke, but when my order arrives from Hennings, I will be rebuilding their smoke units.

* The tower is a work in progress. The parts have already been distressed via a razor saw and X-acto, a new platform top made and glued in place. In all, it's ready for the paint/weathering process to begin. All in good time.

* I won't have a permanent place for the 3-rail to call home for a while yet... but make no mistake... all of the above are getting miles on the test oval I set up on the kitchen table when I need a 3-rail fix!


Another fine round of pictures to enjoy in this week's WPF!



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