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Firstup, IVes 1679 with its Lionel counterpart. Don’t know why, but I love even the more “common” transition era items.’3DD76288-F8B2-45A3-B91E-932162D123A4

lionel 2077 Gondola and Ives 1712 Caboose. The Caboose is HUGE- holy Toledo . Also has an electrical pick-up901CD808-85CB-4D8C-B3EE-364EE5F02D9E


karl Bub/KBN wind-up loco(no

motor me chansm) Which I believe, per sources here and elsewhere, is from the 20s.4FF7A6F7-F211-4579-BA3F-020F233C605A”KBN” on the front”958C446D-D0D9-42D4-957E-11B8817F174C

Germany on the bottom.obviously missing the motor. 0FADC5B4-8600-4AAB-B80C-343A33786126

Comparison of height between Ives 1679 and 1712CAFC64C8-719C-4005-86AC-79622ED664F6


heres an interesting one, at least it is to me. I Gauge wooden kit ‘Monarch Pickle Company of a Chicago’. Had a lot of trouble finding out werethjs came from. When I opened the hatches up top, however, it said “Walthers” . Added that to my internet search and came up with and s-Gauge kit from Hoquat Hobbies from 1987(link to be posted shortly)0CD94F91-DD0F-4B8C-B739-D4FAD0CDEAC3

finally, pictures of my continued deconstruction of my layout5026F395-E469-429E-8354-A5C3379A2C2F


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