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Nation Wide Lines posted:

Here are the smallest American Flyer items I have discovered so far.  A trio of steeple cabs.

As you can see, they are lettered "American" on the left and "Flyer" on the right.  Obviously, these are not running locomotives, but what are they??  

The next photo gives you a better idea of their size.  

It is believed that the group of items, including the 1217 in the background, date to approximately 1920 (which is when American Flyer introduced their steeple cab engines).

So what are they?  It is believed that these are Cracker Jack prizes from c. 1920.  In researching Cracker Jack prizes, I can find similar sized cast items that are being sold as Cracker Jack prizes, so it appears that is what these are.  

I am not sure if there are other colors of engines out there or not, but it would not surprise me to find other colors.  These items come up on ebay very infrequently.


NWL, could they be game pieces? I have an Alderman and Fairchild Auto Race game that uses moving pieces this small. 

alderman and fairchild auto race gamealderman and fairchild game board pieces

Jim O'C

Upstate NY/So VT


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