Reply to "Weekend Tinplate photos πŸ“Έ and videos πŸ“½ 2/13/20!"

@Nation Wide Lines very cool AFminis- whatever they may be. Almost remid me of midgettoys a bit, but clearly much older.


@Bob Bubeck love the 98 year old Toonerville trolley. Just as whimsical now, if not more so, than back in '22!

Forgot to post these two, the station came on Wednesday and the caboose today. The station is a bit beat up, but throw some freight and people n it and it'll look nice by my 201 passenger station:

Ives 115 station, missing the chimney. Has the "higher" base.

Ives 115 Greight sTATION


Ives 115 Freight station with the #67 caboose which is in pretty nice shape.Ives 115 Station& 67 caboose

Comparing caboose sizes between the 1712 and 67. Also, this shot shows the 67 has the green roof..

Ives 67 and 712 Caboose

Keep the tin coming!


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