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Reply to "Weekend tinplate photos πŸ“Έ and videos πŸ“½ 5/21/20!"

Well it looks like a great weekend and lots of std gauge...Craig you posted a video of your new car running in a std gauge oval.  The car is really cool but I wanted to ask what is the curve radius or dia that you used in that oval.  I have not been able (space) to run std gauge in many years, but your oval looks like something I could accommodate even if only at Holiday time.

My newest acquisition is a Hafner 1010 freight set.  I posted a picture of this on the "Hafner Trains" thread but I wanted to include some additional photo's here.  Papa Eastman and Jim O'C sent me some excellent information to help me date the set and it appears to be 1938 through 1951 then stopping with the Wyandotte acquisition (although everyone agrees that "new old stock" was likely sold until it ran out. )   Using 1951 as the likely latest year, that makes this set as a minimum near 70 years old and perhaps as old as 80 + years.  I find it to be in remarkable condition either way with nearly no play marks or scratches, and the track that came with the set does not look like anything has ever been run on it.  So anyway here is my contribution this weekend.

Here is the mighty 1010 steamer, pulling her whole train across my mantle!  The paint missing on the cow catcher is almost the only sign of use in the entire set.

Hafner set full train

Here is a picture of the 1010 and her chrome sided tender

Hafner set loco

Here is the automobile car (note not just a box car but an automobile car-interesting choice)

Hafner set auto car

Of course here in Texas we are always interested in the cattle car!

Hafner set cattle

What freight train of the 1930's-1950's would be complete without a caboose

Hafner set caboose

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Let us all remember our veterans without whom we might not be here.

Don McErlean


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  • Hafner set full train
  • Hafner set loco
  • Hafner set auto car
  • Hafner set cattle
  • Hafner set caboose
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