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Reply to "Weekend tinplate photos πŸ“Έ and videos πŸ“½ 5/21/20!"

@scott.smith awesome layout and beautiful tinplate consist- that's a great picture and the water next to the train looks amazing- great job! Also, Love the focus on tinplate houses! Are those all repainted Lionel Villas? Nice switch tower pick-up- looks to be in great in condition too!

@Don McErlean what a great Hafner consist and in such fantastic condition. I almost bought that engine at a local antique mall but the condition wasn't up to snuff. Anyway, love the Hafner consist, so colorful,and have always loved Hafner cars- very unique and a big fan of the rounded corners.

@Steve "Papa" Eastman - sweet Dorfan consist! There's something about the Dorfan steeple cabs that makes them look a bit more detailed than comparable Lionel, Flyer and Ives. Also like the prewar O consistinside the modern standard gauge consist. Once I have my layout in order and make some necessary purchases for it, I'd eventually like to purchase an o gauge MTH tinplate engine with proto to lead my prewar cars.

 @Nation Wide Lines - great prewar Flyer as always! Especially love that you shared cars with heralds- being from PA the green PRR gondolas caught my eye. Also, while not a big New York Central fan, those Dairy/Refrigerator cars are really neat and I've never seen them- and I've frequently perused that very long thread of prewar American Flyer pictures on another site.

@JohnnieWalker relly digging that tower you made- looks really cool! In general, loving all the tinlate structures and old metal or lead figures- great variety.

@Arne as always, thanks for sharing some European tinplate. Definitely one of the better KBN consists that Ive seen andI really like both of the passenger cars with it. Also- picking up from last weekend's thread when we were talking about the KBN Kuhl-Wagen and the Bing Kuhl-wagen. Your reply was very helpful and informativeWhile trying to discover the maker, model or year of these tinplate items is one of the fun things about tinplate that search can also sometimes be frustrating. That said, I also have a "Milch-Wagen that loos very much like the Bing Kuhl-Wagen which you pictured. One of my favorite cars except for 1.) the metal part of a pencil eraser is stuck in the chassis and 2.) I haven't ever found it on the historytoy site. 4 wheels with Bing's "auto couplers". Onle have one other Bingtrain with such couplers. 

Bing Milch-wagen with auto coupler

Next- two new pick-ups: Bing New York Central 105 steel-sided coach and a Bing bumper:

Bing NYC 105 and Bing Bumper

Here itis ictured with the Bing 2395 combine of the same color. Unfortunately, a previous owner of the 105 coach removed the trucks and to spraypaint the sides and then must've grinded or sanded off the paint from the wheels. I'd much rather have some trucks with the paint chipping that are properly attached as well as properly colored wheels. But, c'est la vie

Bing steel sided 2395 & 105 med green

Here's the rest of my 8 wheel, New york central steel-sided consist. The green roof on the "Winnebago" coach is obviously repainted. It actually came with the 105 coach but I changed the roofs as I'd prefer the brown roof on the 105. The Lakewood Observation car, ifI recall correctly from something I read, is supposed to have a black roof.Bing Steel Sided Consist

Sorry for this very small picture- I'll try to get a bigger one later. Anyway, I was searching on-line and came across a portion of Roger Carp's 101 Classic Toy Trains: Best of the  Postwar years. #95 on his list were the figures produced by Authenticast and comet-metal products for themselves and for AC Gilbert's American Flyer.To my surprise, I recognized that I had purchased 7 of 10 of the track gang ( see link #95 Authenticast figures) figures and had picked up an8th in a figure grab bag at a show last year. All in great condition. Just missing the figure with a shovel and the figure who appears to be the chief of the track gang. These figures fit really well with modern o-scale figures and have an appropriate height for O-scale.

Flyer track figure set



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  • Bing Milch-wagen with auto coupler
  • Bing NYC 105 and Bing Bumper
  • Bing steel sided 2395 & 105 med green
  • Bing Steel Sided Consist
  • Flyer track figure set
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