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Reply to "Weekend Tinplate photos πŸ“Έ and videos πŸ“½ 6/25/20!"

Here's a photo of an original 1680 boiler with complete fittings. 

2019-08-03 20.08.302019-08-03 20.08.57 - Copy2019-08-03 20.10.28 - Copy

It was in the train set with four streamlined cars painted green.  The tender, which I've already sold was the one in this photo.

2019-08-03 19.44.03

This was an accidental acquisition with some prewar Lionel that I bought.  The engine was such a mess that I'm selling it as parts.  The motor looked good but the reverse mechanism was destroyed.  NWL, does yours reverse ?

With much difficulty, I got the motor running forward only.  I couldn't find the wire to the field.  Finally found out from a friend that one side of the field is wired directly to the pickup. So I need to find a buyer for a forward only motor.  here it is - runs nicely.



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