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Reply to "What Am I missing? (If I buy an older loco)"

Lou1985 posted:
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To sum up:  I warrant that two POWERED GP9s in consist will give more realistic initial acceleration with a heavy train, and;  more consistent operation when going from tangent track into sharp curves running light; than would a Williams or MTH PS1 diesel with two can motors.  If you're willing to buy a second powered unit and MU them, my experience suggests that the Lionel geeps will be more gratifying to run.

...... I installed diecast fuel tanks under both, and the added weight helps a bit as well. 

Yes, these diecast fuel tanks will add some weight, and are available from Lionel parts. I've added several of them to older Geeps. (The later Geeps from the early 2000s came with diecast fuel tanks as well as diecast pilots, plus the trucks, so have some good heft.) One other benefit is that the diecast tanks sit low, much more prototypical than the higher plastic ones on the Nickel Plate engine. They really give these Geeps a nice look.

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