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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

Well, I finally had some time today to work on the layout and I was able to install my newly built union station. Very pleased with how it came out -


The sad part is that I need to now remove the station. After running trains for about three hours, two of the LED lights under it seem to have gone out. Hopefully it’s just a loose wire.  I’m actually not too upset about it. You really are never done working on the layout.  Fortunately, I made the station removable with easily detachable wire hookups for just such circumstances.  

Next up is a car ramp leading to the Main Street on the left side. On the right, I’m going to place a scale building crane holding the on ramp for that side. I’m going to place lighted barricades and a police car on that end of the street so traffic is stopped while construction proceeds.  Fun stuff!


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