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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

Sometimes it seems like nothing much is getting done. Last time I was going to use my Kreig pocket jig to add a small section to my upper level so I could add my newly acquired MTH station. Turns out Kreig's do not work so well for joining 1/2 nominal ply together.  Got that section in - but I did not like the look of the station there - just not enough room. So the Menards Comradery Bar and 2 new MTH stores got moved to the back of the town and gas station in its current location (that may move).


The station is now where the bar and coffee shop was. It needs some detailing and signage -

"Twin Pines Inn" either on the upper or lower roof.  Or may hang a sign from the lower roof. I think I will pick up the dark brown to trim out the "dentil" detail. Any ideas on base roof color is appreciated. Haven't decided if I will detail the brick mortar.


Meanwhile, I did surgery on the 3 new buildings. Replaced the incandescent bulbs with 12vdc LED strips, added 2nd floors and window coverings. Also have the 1st and 2nd floor lighting on separate circuits with dimmers. I prefer to have brighter lighting in the stores but not  the living areas.  Now I have to get underneath the layout to add the new wiring feeds. I used 1.5mm connectors, but I think the next size up would have been better. The dimmer works well.



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