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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

@RSJB18 posted:

Don't forget to add Shea Stadium to your platform signs too.


@Apples55 posted:

If you use Willets Point, you can run an LIRR commuter train


Guys, I'm one of those rare beings from Queens that never was an avid met fan. I went to plenty of games at Shea, since most of my friends regularly obtained tickets and it was a quick ride to the stadium. I'd even root for them over any other NL team, but the Yankees were my team.  74thst/Roosevelt Avenue/Jackson Heights also holds a lot of personal significance because it was there that I'd change from the 7 to the E or the F downstairs to visit my parents in Forest hills. That's why the lower platform level is going to carry that name.

Thanks Gandydancer!

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