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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

Morning guys I hope your all doing well!

Dave, Outstanding work on the trees! That is really out of my realm, so as for me any trees I may need I will be buying them! But once again Outstanding work!

Well as for me I was able to get my labels printed for my gentry crane! They are not the greatest, but the grandkids can read them and thats what counts for them to have fun when there here!


Then I moved on to making a chain link fence using an old wire office box and some wire hangers. I cut the wire boxes into 1.5" strips and soldered the wire hangers together to make the back bone of my fence. I still have more to do then I will move them out the the garage for a new paint job! The first photo is what I started with.

wire basket


I hope your all having a wonderful weekend and finding to have fun with your layout and trains! I should get more time this weekend as it is spose to rain so no house painting for me!


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  • wire basket
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