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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

P51 Lee, beautiful job on making/weathering/filling the coal cars, awesome workmanship, Luvindemtrains Jack, unbelievably beautiful job on making those gorgeous trees, you have a gift for art, wow, Mike g., wow, neat labeling fir your D7F20E6F-5CF2-4F5A-A49D-4B14C4D8BCB6B2616EFA-7707-40D6-8FED-D781DD5B17DCDFB8F9DA-3C2F-4DB7-93EE-E6DC6CCEDAFBB4427B50-DCF0-478E-B6EC-593DCE8ED6E87628DD8B-D32A-481D-A76F-AD0D91C31D5Emoving gantry Crane, it’s a really cool accessory and your Layout is really coming alive, Awesome work, Seth Thomas, I like your positive comments on the different pictures shown on the different threads of the different topics, many fantastic threads all enjoyable to read, it’s nice of you to give a nod to those folks showing their pictures of the hours of hard work they do, thank you. Last Saturday I went to a train show, it was so good to see people out and about buying trains for fun. A successful day in every way. Happy Railroading Everyone


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  • D7F20E6F-5CF2-4F5A-A49D-4B14C4D8BCB6
  • B2616EFA-7707-40D6-8FED-D781DD5B17DC
  • B4427B50-DCF0-478E-B6EC-593DCE8ED6E8
  • 7628DD8B-D32A-481D-A76F-AD0D91C31D5E
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