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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

I've been working on the subway level of my layout.  When I put the decorative board around my layout i cut out a section and put a picture frame on it.  This picture frame created a viewing into curve section of the subway track.  The plan is to create a tunnel that is "cut" open to see the subway going through the tunnel. 

So far, I've made the skeleton of the skeleton of the tunnel.  Then used tape for the first layer of tunnel skin/wall.  Now I'm working on covering the tape with plastercloth. 

The tunnel is made of scraps of material, always enjoyable to use up stuff lying around.

Tunnel Skeleton

The tunnel is over an O36 curve. Used this piece of track to verify the curve.  It will be going over atlas track, fastrack was just what I had lying around.

Tunnel Following Curve

Here you can see the masking tape on the tope and bottom of the tunnel and the plastercloth in the middle.  More plastercloth will be added.

Plastercloth on Tunnel


Images (3)
  • Tunnel Skeleton
  • Tunnel Following Curve
  • Plastercloth on Tunnel
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