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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

LaramieJoe posted:
mike g. posted:

Nice video Dr. Joe! thanks for sharing your layout with us!

Jushavnfun, nice layout, but the video is a little out of focus or something, but got the idea of your layout!

Hey Mike, sorry about that. I try better each time I do them. My daughter grew up with iPhones and therefore knows a lot more about it than I do! On a separate note, how is life in your part of the world? The wife and I have begun thinking of places to retire and I am lobbying hard for the Olympic Peninsula. 

Hi Dr. Joe, if you don't mind some rain in the winter, and love a nice green place to live. You would love it here. We are right up the hill from Hoods Canal. always green, last summer was a record summer for days without rain and temps over 80 f. You should check it out!

Dr. Joe, your video was jut fine! Nice and clear and fund to watch with your tour! Thanks again!

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