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Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

Just finished working on the layout for today.   Got another small area prepped with cardboard and put the plaster towels on it.  Then I caulked all the cracks and holes that I could find in my lake and river beds so hopefully it won't leak when I apply my Envirotex Lite for my water.

Then I made a decision on my water color and painted both beds with the same blue that I painted on the top of my walls.  I had painted a small patch earlier and have been trying to decide if I liked it?

Now I am going to live with it for a little longer.  My son-in-law is a man of many talents including being a professional painter.  He has an excellent color eye.  (I don't.)  I am going to see what he thinks and make suggestions.  In the meantime, please tell me what you think.  I promise I have thick skin and won't get mad at you.


It looks a little different in person, but not a lot.  Looks lighter in the pictures by a small amount.

Thanks for your help.



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