Reply to "What did you do on your layout today?"

Al, You did a superb job on the BTS sawmill!  

Jim, I'm glad you got the wiring done so everything comes on with switches.  Two days to cleanup!  Wow!  That was some project!!

Brian, I'm glad the demo is going along well.  I remember my N-scale days.  It doesn't seem possible now that I could work in that small a scale.  I even did scratchbuilding of buildings back then too!

Tom, Nice video of purple, pink, and red!!

Nick, The mountain is looking great!

KRM, That's a good job of fixing the Menards hopper.

Johan, That is another wonderful scene.

Josef, The Plasticville tank doesn't look like Plasticville now that you weathered it!

John, The cars look great with passengers in them.

RJ, That is a nice video.  Lots of very good angles showing off your layout!

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