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Reply to "What do you miss most not being able to actually go to York?"

@AlanRail posted:

It's been a while for me. Is the NOPHOTO rule still in effect? If so, it would seem for an on-line show that rule is down the sewer.


Still no photos allowed for Member Halls, but photos are allowed in Dealer Halls and also the Display Layouts (so in White Hall, you are allowed to take pics of the layout, but not the member tables).  I must have missed how the concept of the "on-line" show would actually relate to the EDTCA meet?  I know Trainland has undertaken running something (as they did in April), but It's not the EDTCA meet, it's a nice substitute to get people talking about trains and give the vendors an outlet to connect with an audience.  Why one would infer any sort of EDTCA rules for an in person meet would have any relevance to that event, I do not see the connection.

So I miss the "pre-York" TCA Museum Open House day and chatting with friends there, viewing all the exhibits, maybe getting a look at the Strasburg RR as it goes by, also often eating at the Red Caboose for lunch.

Oh, and of course the train meet!   Same thing with seeing friends and talking trains for 2 1/2 days.


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