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Reply to "What do you miss most not being able to actually go to York?"

Peter, Putnam Division, well said, it’s the people, then the trains, from the oldest, to the newest, from the rarest, to the most plentiful, just seeing the Best of the Best.  Maybe in April??? Happy Railroading Everyone 14610899-2CC9-49A9-9861-38A3388E779D6C370410-9DD0-458E-98AE-8E2A2EF105E5F64705E4-2EB0-4C1A-ACF2-348EAE96DAAEC77CF5E2-B827-45D7-9957-3E76249D76809A3EE192-2FF1-44DC-902A-1058B4211E0098346484-D030-4C50-994E-F7E6D0892A1C8FAEBEA1-9D14-4B9E-8D85-6054F71A408A


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  • 14610899-2CC9-49A9-9861-38A3388E779D
  • 6C370410-9DD0-458E-98AE-8E2A2EF105E5
  • F64705E4-2EB0-4C1A-ACF2-348EAE96DAAE
  • C77CF5E2-B827-45D7-9957-3E76249D7680
  • 9A3EE192-2FF1-44DC-902A-1058B4211E00
  • 98346484-D030-4C50-994E-F7E6D0892A1C
  • 8FAEBEA1-9D14-4B9E-8D85-6054F71A408A
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