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Reply to "What do you miss most not being able to actually go to York?"

@Jim M Sr posted:

What do yo miss most not being able to actually go to York?


The joy of attending the York Meets by model railroad fans has been well documented over the years.  That joy flows through my veins all year long, especially as the Meet approaches.  When I enter The Vortex of Fantasy as I enter the Fairgrounds, it seems all the world's problems fade away.  It's time to have some fun!!

What have I missed during this year's York Meet abyss?

  •  I miss finding and buying boat loads of trains that I don't need, but want.
  • Lynley and I miss seeing our model train friends, some of whom have become like close family.
  • I miss breaking bread with those friends, and getting to meet new friends every trip.
  • I miss being around all the trains and visiting with all the vendors.
  • I miss the big party atmosphere, several days of trains, friends, meals and laughter!
  • I miss the chance to visit with my youngest daughter in Philly.
  • I even miss the sad feeling when the Meet is over, like the first day back to work after summer or Christmas vacation.  But the anticipation of enjoying my purchases when I get home tempers that some.

I also miss the short drive home we had when we lived nearby.  The five hour flight back is less torturous because I pass the time reading OGR on the flight.  The flight going to York is like waiting for Christmas morning.

Jim, I also miss chatting with you at Vince's Trains booth!  And all the great deals he had.

But what I miss the most is the fantastic cuisine in the Orange Hall concession stands!    

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