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Reply to "What do you miss most not being able to actually go to York?"

@superwarp1 posted:

Well, For me York has been a shell of its former self for years.  No Weaver, no Kline.  Really been a lack of good product the last few times I’ve been.  In fact it’s just not worth it for me to go.  In fact if it wasn’t for 611 in Strasburg last Oct I wouldn’t have gone to York at all.

i know this isn’t what the author wanted when he started this thread bit York isn’t York anymore.  Hasn’t been for many years.  What I miss.  York of the early 2000’s 

I guess we all go for different reasons Gary. My reasons were expressed in an earlier post so I won't repeat them here.

Everyone has their own interests, yours seem to have been limited to Weaver and Kline. Me? I walk past, with barely a look, Purple boxes, Weaver, Kline, Atlas and most modern Lionel.

I focus on Pre and Post War of any manufacturer, supplies and scenery items and funnel cakes. I have found myself looking at the little (but growing) amount of Menards stuff there.

My trip is 255 miles each way, made enjoyable with the company of friends in the car. Prior to Covid 19 I've attended every York, spring and fall, since 1994 - only missed 2 in all that time (for unavoidable reasons). Get there Tuesday, leave Friday or Saturday. By that time my friends and I all say that we are "Yorked out" and are ready to go home. But, by Sunday, however,  we miss it and start the countdown to the next one.

It is not just that I want to get away, Mrs Lionelski and I travel a lot, all over this great USA and all over the world (well, until 2020 came along). York is unique. Shared with local friends and with old and new friends from all over the country. Mrs. Lionelski, I'm sure, enjoys the the break from me while I'm away.

All I can say is "6 months 2 1/2 weeks to April York"


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