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Reply to "What Have You 3-Rail Scaled Lately?? Please Contribute to this Thread!!"

This thread takes me back to another lifetime!  I guess you could say I was 3RS before there was 3RS...  I was into 3 rail back in the late 90's not long after 3rd rail started coming out with PRR steam engines.  I didn't have space for 2 rail, and I was in a 3 rail operating group.  I remember a lot of people being surprised when I showed up to an operating session with my first fully weathered and Kadee'd consist...  and a lot cringed too!  I changed my wheelsets to the flatter plastic wheelsets that looked more scale.  I even went on to run a lot of brass scale cars - they ran fine on Gargraves/Ross track.  I had to downsize and move to a smaller place, so everything was sold.  I have some pics from back then I will post below (forgive the quality - no digital back then, I scanned them in at some point).  Thanks for taking me down memory lane!  Y'all are doing some great work!


2-8-2Lgcaboose-weatheredLgdust all appliedhopper-grey-weatheredLghopper-red-weatheredLgPRR boxcarQ2 engine & tendersteam 1 


Images (8)
  • 2-8-2Lg
  • caboose-weatheredLg
  • dust all applied
  • hopper-grey-weatheredLg
  • hopper-red-weatheredLg
  • PRR boxcar
  • Q2 engine & tender
  • steam 1
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