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Reply to "What Have You 3-Rail Scaled Lately?? Please Contribute to this Thread!!"

Pulled this K-Line B&O reefer off the shelf to 3RS it over the weekend.   Wasn't going to convert it because of the difficulty in converting K-Line box car frames but really like this car.  



Had to raise the body to proper coupler height by .10" using washers and plastic sheet.  At this point the car appears to be a little low.   To fix this I'll shim the truck to raise the body then shim the coupler box to lower the coupler.   When I get the new trucks.  Trucks I used are temporary.

Had to use the Kadee short box coupler because the standard coupler hit the big K-Line frame bolster "dome".

Used a cut down Kadee spacer super glued to the frame as a template to drill and tap the coupler mounting holes.  Added 3 more spacers so the coupler box clears the body.

For now I cut off the frame mounted ladders and applied them separately.  To be replaced with body mounted ladder when I find the brass strips.  



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