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Reply to "What Have You 3-Rail Scaled Lately?? Please Contribute to this Thread!!"

My first project in a while. This Atlas Dash 8-40B dates to about 2001. I finally fixed the pilots. I also scratch built the AC  unit and other rooftop equipment.



Handrails are full length and bent from .40 wire reusing the factory stanchions. (Mario I’m with you on the tediousness of this step, but it makes a big difference). I still need to do the forward rails at the rear step well.  Those will be a cut and splice job.

I didn’t like the grossly oversized ditch light housings, which were wrong for ATSF in any event and so I simply removed the ditch lights and used some Scale diamond tread plate to fill the mount holes. Santa Fe took delivery of these engines without ditch lights and only later mounted them on the pilot, so the alteration is prototypical albeit backdating. Removing the ditch lights opens up the front deck and gives the model more of the brutish big-nosed look of the prototype.  I had wanted to move the headlight to the nose but had no luck loosening it inside the shell, so it stays for now. Nose grab irons are repainted yellow.

It still needs a few touches and some weathering. Unlike my other Atlas engines, this one doesn’t have speed control. Rather than upgrade, I disconnected the motors and removed the spur gears to make a “smart” dummy. It will run exclusively in MU consists anyway.  Happy New Year!



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