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Reply to "What Have You 3-Rail Scaled Lately?? Please Contribute to this Thread!!"

pennsy484 posted:
CNJ #1601 posted:
Dave_C posted:

 Joe, really nice job on the Rutland car. Can you comment on the chalk marks. Nice detail touch that really adds to the look of the car.  I've done a couple of cars with some Clover House dry transfers. Are these commercial products your using or are you doing these free hand ?

Thanks, Dave!  I make the chalk marks free hand with a combination of white or light gray colored pencils sharpened to a fine point.

I was just recently thinking of posting a question about this   What are the chalk markings?  Who would have written and what message etc.  Also the wooden placards, what for? In old photos and videos they seem to usually not have any postings on them and are surprisingly often well painted. 

Hey Jeff, I just saw your post above from last night.  Click on the links below to read some info from the web regarding chalk marks and placards...

Chalk marks and route cards

Old Time Trains-Chalk it Up

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