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Reply to "What Have You 3-Rail Scaled Lately?? Please Contribute to this Thread!!"

270288D1-FE96-4F26-B42E-83C3815A7C2F5A965B65-17D4-4467-8120-DABA7F0A82F9Will Ebbert posted:
LoganUP1982 posted:

1BECCC20-20F6-4303-8016-4A972491EAEE69C6A13C-B603-41BA-8406-863AB038C769Time to paint and install

Were those pilots 3D printed? Where did you get them? Also the pictures are no longer available.

Sorry the image is no longer available, I’ll try to repost it. They are 3D printed, and I got them from Shapeways. Here is the link to the forum talking about it.


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  • 270288D1-FE96-4F26-B42E-83C3815A7C2F
  • 5A965B65-17D4-4467-8120-DABA7F0A82F9
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