Reply to "WHAT IS 3-RAIL SCALE?"

I don't understand, Joe.  The tinplate guys have their own forum.  The S scale guys have their own forum.  The 2 rail guys have their own forum.
Why can't the fixed-pilot kadee-coupler guys have their own forum?
I feel like the 3RS guys has been unfairly criticized in this thread. 
Would you really quit the hobby over what people post on an internet message board?  This hobby was around long before Al Gore invented the internet!
Originally Posted by Enginear-Joe:

 OK great. You guys changed the name. So can I point out a great Buffalo modeler's layout without causing a war now?? What if he has something he hasn't changed the couplers on yet and someone sees it????

 Will I get kicked out because someone counts the rails on my layout??

I think a lot of damage was done and people left for their own reasons.


I'm running into it on all the divisions. Wasting my time I guess.

who's the next one I have to prance around??

 Makes me want to leave the hobby all together.


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