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Hi guys,

I wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I am completing what one would term a 3 rail scale pike. It's about 14 ft by 22 ft around the walls so I can enjoy broad radius operation. I'm utilizing scaletrax and it looks pretty good ballasted and I use NWSL semi scale wheels on all my pilot trucks with no problems at all through the scaletrax turnouts. I'm even converting some brass 2 rail steam locos to 3 rail. I like the 3 rail for the simplicity of operating Lionel Tmcc, rail sounds and simplicity of wiring. At some point if the 3rd rail bothers me, I'll convert to battery rc and strip the middle rail. I'm still debating the need for Kadee couplers for my purposes.


I've posted some pictures of the ballasted painted rail, semi scale pilot wheels on a scale K Line Hudson and a scale lionel reefer.


I hope to learn a lot from ya'll.



Pilot wheel Hudson


track wk 1


Images (3)
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