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Reply to "WHAT IS 3-RAIL SCALE?"

Ted Hikel posted:

Show us some realistic trains and make the eye the judge. I enjoy these types of trains just like many of us do.


I'll second that sentiment too.


There are a bunch of talented people that I hope to see post here because I would like to learn from what they are doing and I think that many others could also take away new ideas from some of the most creative people and layouts in the hobby.


I don't know if anyone else here has seen Tony Lash's layout in person.  I was able to get to see it first hand on an OGR tour a couple of years ago.  Some elements of the layout were out of the best of the toy train tradition.  And other elements rank among the best I have seen from a prototype modeling perspective.  The large coal mine, power plant and rail to water transloading facility gave all those N&W hoppers a reason to be or, as I heard Ross Custom Switches Steve Brenneisen put it, made the layout a model transportation system.  If Mr. Lash would like to post here I'd love it!


I have also learned from operating at Pat Marinari's layout.  Pat had a fully kadee equipped roster on his layout but his diesels had, Oh the Horror, swinging pilots.  Anyone in any scale could learn from what Pat is doing for prototypical operations.  And we here could benefit from his knowledge on coupler conversion on 3 rail O rolling stock.  Anyone who saw a swinging pilot in a photo from Pat's layout and complained about it would really be silly and missing out.


I am really glad to see that Norm Charbonneau is interested in posting here.  He is doing some of the best modeling in any scale. 


If anyone here hangs a big emphasis on any one element of modeling and a post by someone else doesn't contain enough of you favorite thing just look at what is there.  You know, that "glass half full" kind of attitude.  Or, from a modeling viewpoint, if weathering is a high priority for you and someone else posts photos of unweathered models just think of them as a can of krylon primer away from being just your style.

Ted, I absolutely LOVE what you said. My "sin" was not starting at the top of this topic and slogging thru all that was said up to your post. You NAILED it.

OGR started from OSR and back in that day there were far fewer 2-railers out there. When it became "OGR," you should have heard the squawking! I have loved, from that day forward, what Myron (and now Rich et al.) in guiding the 3R community towards more realism.

Overall, the way I view it is as a continuum with "O27" at one end and pure 2-rail O (weathering, scale wheels, couplers, fixed pilots, DCC, the whole 9 yards) at the other. Where you are along that line is up to you. I have seen the Lash layout and consider it prototypical to a huge degree. He's happy with it and I would be as well. There is no such thing as "perfection" when it comes to a railroad!

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