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Reply to "WHAT IS 3-RAIL SCALE?"

I have seen many topics of discussion in this regard and my question is are we really having this discussion on this FORUM OF BROTHERHOOD?!

I think it is pretty sad that in a hobby that should be fun we have managed to create division. I get on Youtube and see modelers of other scales just trash 3 Rail posts. It's sad to see it there but I thought that in this forum that kind of division would not happen.

I have seen more toy-like layouts to layouts that I swear are near the tracks I just crossed in my car and seen them done well. That's the beauty of the hobby. When a man or women expresses themselves in this hobby that's just it, their expression. Who are any of us to knock, criticize, discriminate, or down right just be ugly about the creativity of a fellow model railroader and the bigger question is why would we want to? It really takes the fun out of this great hobby and it saddens me that we have an entire thread, that I don't believe was intended to be this way, devoted to it. 

Everyone please understand that words can be hurtful and this hobby is a great one and there is no room to be that way. There is so much we have to deal with in the real world and now apparently it has trickled its way into the little worlds we have created in our layouts.

Think of the men and women who have created a layout based on the toy trains they remember as a child. That layout brings back not only memories of their youth but memories of the people in their lives who have passed on. Think of the men and women who have created that fine scaled layout that rivals the real thing because that was the one thing they could say they are proud of and shows that they can do something worthy of praise. For both extremes it took a lot of time and heart to create what ultimately will be a place of fellowship, entertainment, reflection, and yes solace. So yes, words and comments can hurt. 

I am not saying that we all should not have preferences, yeah sure, but our preferences should not have to be knocked or criticized because we are not doing something the way our colleagues would. 

I may be reading into this more than I should but when you're passionate about something emotion is a part of that passion. I come to this site daily because it makes me happy. The variety, the pride, the fellowship, and the encouragement is of the highest caliber. This is the first time I have come in here and not felt that way and have felt a negative feeling that I thought I left out there in this cold world.

Anyways, who am I? That's just my 2 cents worth. Everyone keep enjoying trains the way you like and as long as you get enjoyment out of it, that is ultimately what matters. 


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