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TOKELLY posted:
Lionel even promised some time ago to offer an SD40(-2)--a long time after a much earlier promise that was believable enough to make the cover of the S Gaugian. So despite so many personnel changes at Lionel and despite the small market S scale offers, my thinking is that Lionel does listen and eventually does get to the back burner. 


I do understand disappointments and frustrations.  I felt them particularly when the earlier Berkshires were cancelled, and when SHS ownership retired. 

I suspect the SD40 isn't even on the stove, it's in the freezer in the basement.  It was announced back in 1998, 21 years ago.  It came and and went so fast I doubt there was any development done short of the heavily retouched Athearn HO SD40 used to advertise it.  I'd wager the SD40's have severe freezer burn...

For the record, the SHS owners didn't retire willingly, they lacked the resources to start up again after builder Sanda Kan purged their customer base.

Mike West posted:

Former SHS, American Models, MTH, Lionel and others have done amazing work and invested considerably considering our small niche and aging market.  For the most part the manufacturers, leadership and owners have taken financial risk in our market, and I am truly appreciative.

I would hesitate to include MTH in that list.  Other than the purchase of SHS, MTH has been a great disappointment and has squandered opportunities in re-releasing and possibly expanding on the Showcase Line.  It's good stuff when something comes out, but the last catalog (and only) was 6 years ago and only about 30% of the former SHS line has been re-released.

I've given up counting how many times MTH has indicated an S catalog is coming and watch the alleged release date slip by.




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