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Reply to "What to you guys pay for O gauge connecting pins if you buy them in a train shop?"


When you buy a high grade collectible American antique firearm, you own a piece of history.  If it is the proper model, and at least NRA grade VG, it will only go UP in value. Each and every year.  Collecting antique American firearms is now an international hobby thanks to the internet.  If you go to the biggest annual shows in Reno and Baltimore, then you will see Saudi princes, walking around in robes, buying whatever they like. This pushes the prices up and up.  (Very very similar to 1950s and 60s era original Gibson Electric Guitars.  Wealthy Japanese have been buying them up like crazy for the past 10 years.  They hang them up on display in their living rooms.)

When you buy an O gauge pin, you are buying a piece of junk.  Your money is gone forever. 

Absolutely no question that we all have to buy junk goods now and then (or buy them for a hobby), but I have a firm lifetime rule of paying the least amount possible for any good that doesn't go up in value and create a long term capital gain.  

I remember digging ditches with pick and shovel as my summer job back in 72 through 76.   I made about $2.50 an hour.  After 8 hours of digging, we went on overtime for two more hours of digging, and were paid a whopping $3.75 and hour.

I never forgot that.

So to reiterate, "Heck no!  I'm not paying a dollar for a pin."  Especially when you need 3 pins per section of track.  (Geez, I could buy a gallon of gas for that, and ride not walk for 20 miles!)



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