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Reply to "wheel bearings"

@Bob Guckian posted:

The Ace or whoever brass eyelets really help & also help electric pickup on tenders ect.

Bob G.       P S Also found some brass rivets that are correct ID & OD but have to be shortened

Years ago, I bought a pile of the brass eyelets from Doug Peck. I tried them using a link coupler truck, had to enlarge the bearing holes in the truck, IIRC. Anyway, I didn’t see a whole lot of difference in its rolling. At the time I had made an incline to roll the cars down for comparison and there really wasn’t any difference. Next I replaced the Flyer wheelsets with the SHS metal wheel replacement sets. This didn’t make a difference either, even with the brass eyelets so my experiments ended there. Maybe I was expecting too much?

I was wondering if anyone had tried pointed axles of nylon bearings. I have seen Delrin bearings for Lionel, do they use those for their Flyer line? Has Flyonel started using pointy axles yet? Tichy Train Group has some H0 nylon bearings that might work with pointy axles.

I know metal wheels are supposed pickup less crud than plastic wheels so changing to them would be a plus even if they didn’t help roll-ability. Just curious to learn what other people have tried.

Tom Stoltz

in snowy Maine

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