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Reply to "Which Class A are you looking at in the new catalog?"

@N&WGuy posted:

There won’t be white walls on any of the Class A’s. Those ones that appear to have them are just the versions with clean/polished drivers while the ones that don’t are the versions that’ll have blackened drivers 👍

That may be the intention, but the words and photos are not consistent with the catalog depiction.

1218 states polished rods, and they and the drivers look polished.  I'm assuming this is the "baseline" depiction.

1238 states blackened rods, but the rods look like half-way between polished and blackened and the drivers look polished.

1200 states polished rods, but they and the drivers look blackened.

1210 states blackened rods, and they and the drivers look blackened.  Feels like this is another good "baseline" depiction.

1211 states blackened rods, but the drivers look polished.

And as they have indicated in the past, catalog artwork statement on the back of the catalog is just a depiction and what you are getting might not reflect what's in the catalog.  I'd like a little more confidence than that if they are going to BTO this with my $$$.

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